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My Little Big Party specializes in creating unique themed kiddie parties for birthday, baptismal/christening and other kiddie party events with the highest priority of making your little one’s party a memorable day.

Executive Chef Velmor and his team of seasoned chefs & its in-house event stylist,
Stylento, are delighted to help you create the perfect menu and event set-up for your kids


My Little Big Party Package

My Little Big Party Package includes a Kid's Plated Menu and an Adult Buffet Menu.

Lunch Dinner Buffet Package

With Lunch Dinner Buffet Package, you can choose from the all-time favorite Pinoy dishes, to distinctive flavors of Asian Dishes, up to International dishes with a combination of various culinary traditions from Americans, French and Mediterranean.



The Cocktail Package caters to those who are planning to serve light snacks in their event.

To know more about our packages, simply fill out the form below.

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